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Climate Change 101: An Introduction

Climate change is a hot topic, literally and metaphorically. Since time immemorial, scientists and environmental experts have observed the continuous warming of the earth and predicted that the situation will worsen if we continue our unsustainable practices. Now, climate change is upon us, and we are suffering the consequences of our environmental apathy. 

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is characterised by global warming along with large scale changes in temperatures and rainfall levels for a long period. According to NASA, we have been experiencing the warmest years in the past 20 years, with 2016 recorded as the hottest year. 

Global warming over the years have led to our mountain glaciers shrinking, sea levels rising, and ice in Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic melting at a much faster rate. Additionally, flower and plant blooming times are also changing due to climate change. 

What Causes Climate Change?

A lot of factors cause climate change, and it’s not only we who contribute to this phenomena. Natural causes like the intensity of the sun’s heat, volcanic eruptions, and changes in the earth’s orbit around the sun also play a part in the warming of the earth’s surface. Despite this, it doesn’t change the fact that human activities are still the major contributor to climate change. 

Burning Fossil Fuels

When we burn coal, oil and gas, we release carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide into the air. These gases go up to our atmosphere and trap the heat of the sun on the earth’s surface. As a consequence, we experience warmer periods than usual. This phenomenon is called the greenhouse effect.


Farming livestock like cows and sheep also add to the greenhouse effect since these animals excrete large amounts of methane. Likewise, using nitrogen-containing fertilisers for your plants and crops also contribute to the nitrous oxide levels in the atmosphere. Methane and nitrous oxide are dangerous greenhouse gases that blocks the sun’s heat from escaping the planet.

Cutting Down Forests

Deforestation is an extremely unsustainable human activity that results in global warming. Trees are natural climate regulators because they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

So, if we cut them down and decrease forest cover, there will be fewer trees which can absorb the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As a result, we will experience warmer climates. 

So What If There’s Climate Change?

Climate change is a serious issue that we should do something about because, to start off, we are suffering its consequences and our future generation might suffer worse. Sea levels rising, mountain glaciers and ice caps melting, and frequent storms are just some of the terrifying effects of climate change. 

Not to mention the life-threatening heat we are experiencing nowadays, causing heat stroke, skin cancer, and other health complications.

What Can You Do To Prevent Climate Change?

Since many human activities contribute to global warming and climate change, you might think that if we just stop doing these unsustainable practices, we can prevent climate change from worsening. However, the solution is not that easy. A lot of people depend on fossil fuels because from them comes the energy that powers cars, homes, and businesses. 

While that is the case, there are still things you can do to minimise the greenhouse effect.

  • Be Aware and speak up
  • Opt for renewable energy sources
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost
  • Minimise food waste
  • Buy energy-efficient products
  • Save energy and electricity
  • Carpool

Did you know that 7.3 million tonnes of food go to waste in Australia every year? That whopping amount of organic waste enters our landfills where they decompose and produce methane, a harmful greenhouse gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect. 

That is why it is crucial that every household practices proper waste segregation so that food waste doesn’t end up in landfills. 

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